Crocodile trainer is attacked during a presentation in the USA (VIDEO)

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A crocodile trainer at the Scales & Tails Center, an establishment that offers educational exhibits on reptiles, birds, spiders and scorpions, in Utah, USA. was attacked by one of the animals and dragged into the enclosure during a presentation.

In a video recorded and published on social networks by one of the visitors to the center, the coach is observed while explaining to some adults and children about the alligator, when it bit her hand and led her towards the water. During the attack, the reptile began to circle and kept her jaws clenched as the woman struggled to free herself.

WARNING: The following images may hurt your sensitivity

“We’re in trouble here!” Yelled one of the visitors, later identified as Donnie Wiseman, and immediately jumped into the water to climb on top of the animal. The man managed to immobilize the crocodile, while the woman gave him instructions to allow him to escape from the pool.

Through a publication In its official accounts, the center reported that the coach, Lindsay Bull, is “well and in recovery”, that she underwent surgery and is taking antibiotics.

Meanwhile, Shane Richins, the owner of the company, detailed in an interview on Monday that the woman was opening the enclosure to feed the alligator as usual, but this time the reptile “got a little braver“He also commented that the establishment normally has a strict policy that a second trainer is nearby when employees are working with the crocodiles, but the provision has not been enforced in recent years if the worker does not plan to enter the compound.

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