CrossfireX: a new trailer shows the Remedy campaign and confirms its final date

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CrossfireX already marks its launch on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One consoles on the calendar. Smilegate’s title will arrive next February 10, 2022. The announcement occurred under the spotlight of The Game Awards 2021, where we got to see the first scenes of their single-player campaign. You can see the full trailer at the top of this news.

The single player mode has been developed in collaboration with Remedy Entertainment. The creators of Alan Wake and Control dive into their first first person shooter. “Working with Remedy has allowed CrossfireX to delve into the storytelling possibilities that existed in the franchise, and we thank them for making it happen,” explains Jaren Wade, Marketing Team Leader at Smilegate West, in an Xbox Wire post.

The campaign consists of two stories, Operation Catalyst y Operation Spectre. Both will make us play from the perspective of the factions that is available in multiplayer. We must underline that the team has confirmed that the complete package will arrive from day one.

What did we think of CrossfireX?

During the summer of 2020 we offered you our impressions of the private multiplayer beta. This preview allowed us to play each side of their offering, both the classic experience and the one that introduces modern mechanics. “The private beta of CrossfireX It has helped us to know that when he proposes something more classic, he manages to demonstrate his qualities ”, we said. “There is much to correct, other decisions to backtrack and improve global stability. As it is a project in development, we understand that there are bugs that can be corrected afterwards. It remains to be seen how it will unfold in its final version ”.

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After multiple delays, including one that pointed to sometime in 2021, Smilegate will place their new job on February 10, 2022 on Xbox platforms.

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