Cruella De Vil hair is all the rage among celebrities – check out the amazing looks

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Cruella De Vil hair is all the rage among celebrities - check out the amazing looks

Cruella de Vil It is one of the biggest hits of the year. Since its premiere, the film starred the famous actress and style icon Emma Stone It is such a big event that a major American cosmetics brand launched a line inspired by the character. In addition, the Disney studios are already working on the second part of the film. The detail? Many celebrities have decided to bet on the “Cruella look” on their heads by wearing the bicolor hair, black and white, as one of the most famous villains in cinema.

Without going any further, a few days ago Candelaria tinelli surprised his fandom by showing a new color on his head. The singer put herself in the hands of Leo Leiva, her trusted hairdresser, (and that of many other celebrities such as Jimena Barón) who dyed the front of her head super light blonde which contrasts with the rest of her brown hair. Lelé, as they call the daughter in the middle of Marcelo Tinelli, it was clear. He wrote: “Cruella” mentioning the new look. Her fans, as usual, celebrated the proposal and the humor of one of the most followed girls in the networks throughout the country.

Within a few days, it was Santiago Artemis who showed her own version of bicolor hair reminiscent of the villain who wants to stay with all the Dalmatians in London. The eccentric designer passed through the salons of Claudio Cerini to achieve his goal and the result could not be more perfect. For the official presentation of the new look, Artemis painted the red mouth. Like Cruella herself, of course.

Beyond the audacity of Artemis and Coti’s girlfriend, we must mention the actress Cecilia Dopazo who, in the month of March, decided to go gray and abandon dyes. Without looking for it, he ended up having a kind of look Cruella, since the rest of her hair is brown. His followers celebrated his decision to bet on naturalness.

At an international level, this new head coloring slogan has a very top exponent: no less than Kristen Stewart.

The actress, one of the favorites of the new generations and world ambassador for the French brand Chanel (as well as a sought-after cover girl and red carpet star) posed for one of the brand’s latest campaigns with two-tone hair.

Who will be the next celebrity to join this proposal?

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