c’t webinar: IT security for non-nerds

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Blackmail Trojans that only release private data for a ransom (if at all), providers from whom databases with tens of thousands of customer passwords are stolen, and contaminated smartphone apps that sell off the user’s address book. The list of IT security threats is long and grows with every new digitized process. Even experienced users can lose track of things.

Perhaps you have equipment in use that you are not very familiar with? Or you hear and read again and again that you should use technologies like “2FA” or “VPNs” – but what can they protect against and what cannot? And even if you have everything under control yourself, you probably know some people who basically don’t want to deal with IT security – but of course still use online banking, diligently install apps on their smartphones and now do a lot in the home office.

Nowadays, practically everyone should deal a bit with IT security, whether they want to or not. But that doesn’t require weeks of coaching, nor does it have to end in incomprehensible IT gibberish. Most dangers can be averted or avoided with relatively little basic knowledge. in the Webinar “IT security for non-nerds” c’t editor Keywan Tonekaboni conveys exactly these basics on two evening appointments of 1.5 hours each. The seminar is aimed at people who have not dealt much (or not at all) with their own IT security and people who would like to refresh their basic knowledge.

The webinar, during which questions can of course also be asked, will take place on February 2 and 9, 2022, from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. It is an online event, an up-to-date browser is sufficient to participate. If you book by January 16, you will get a significant early bird discount and the webinar for 35.00 euros. Participants will also receive the complete c’t security checklists 2022 as a PDF with clear IT security tips for everything from A for “Account” to Z for “Two-Factor Authentication”. Further information on the event and details on registration can be found on the Page to the c’t webinar from heise events.

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