c’t workshop: Compensate for internet failures

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If the Internet goes down, many companies will quickly stop operating as well. Too much nowadays depends on a functioning internet connection: Without e-mails, VoIP telephones and virtual conferences, not only communication with customers and partners breaks down. Since Corona and the corresponding home office regulations, internal communication can no longer do without an Internet connection. If then perhaps ticket and ERP systems are also in the cloud or the code repositories are hosted externally, soon nothing will work anymore.

An independent backup connection helps against such horror scenarios. But this needs to be well planned and tested, because there are different types of backup connections that protect against different dangers. In addition, it is usually not enough if you can still surf the web in an emergency. External telephones and VPN clients must be able to use the alternative connection at the company headquarters, and bandwidth-intensive tasks should ideally be automatically limited so as not to overload the backup connection. And what does this connection have to be like in order not to fail together with the primary connection in an emergency?

the c’t online workshop “Compensating for internet failures: multi-access networks for SMEs” helps with planning and configuration so that everything switches over smoothly in an emergency and operations can continue as undisturbed as possible. The workshop is aimed at administrators who are responsible for Internet connections. Be it the connection of your own company or that of customers you support. The workshop participants will learn which redundancy processes exist, what the different variants protect against and how to configure them appropriately.

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In addition to the theory on the various access technologies and connection variants, the workshop imparts a lot of practical knowledge and of course allows questions to be asked at any time. Participants can then not only assess what is the best solution in their own case, but also know which problems can arise and how to deal with them.

The workshop will take place on January 25, 2022 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (for the second time due to popular demand) and costs 799.00 euros. A current browser is sufficient to participate in the online event. Further information on the event and details on registration can be found on the Page for the heise events workshop.


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