Cuba is experiencing a day of great tension: the police detained several dissidents and tightened surveillance in the streets

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In the midst of a tense calm, Havana is under close surveillance this Monday after the call for a so-called civic march for change promoted by the platform Archipelago led by the playwright Yunior García Aguilera. Several dissidents were detained, according to the opposition Movement San Isidro and the AFP.

“All activists are under siege. No mobilizations are reported. People are afraid“, said to TN via telephone the actor Daniel Triana, member and moderator of the Archipelago group.

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And he affirmed: “There have been threats, acts of repudiation. They have incited violence. The country is highly militarized, ”said Triana, actor of the El Portazo Theater from Matanzas, 100 kilometers from Havana.

Four months after the first protests since 1994, the streets near the National Capitol, the traditional Paseo del Prado, the Vedado neighborhood and others further away from the city center, such as La Lisa, were under close police surveillance this Monday. , according to EFE.

The San Isidro Movement denounced the arrest of an opposition activist

In this context, the San Isidro movement, a dissident group that brings together Cuban artists, denounced the arrest of the opposition Manuel Cuesta Morúa.

“Attention. Just been arrested Manuel Cuesta Morua, vice president of the Council for Democratic Transition, ”the group wrote on its Twitter account.

Cuesta Morua “was detained by State Security at around one o’clock in the afternoon (locals) leaving the house” in Havana, he told AFP his wife, Nairobi Scheri.

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According to the same report, the leader of the dissident movement Ladies in White, Berta Soler, and her husband, Angel Moya, were also detained. Another dissident, Guillermo Fariñas, has been detained since Friday.

Why Yunior García Aguilera could not demonstrate in Havana

The playwright Yunior García Aguilera called for a march for change on the island this Monday, but under pressure from the denounced authorities, he warned that he would mobilize alone on Sunday with a white rose in a central Havana street.

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However, in a direct transmission from Facebook, he denounced that state security agents prevented him from leaving his home. The playwright even put up a handwritten sign from the window of his home to denounce this situation. However, a huge Cuban flag covered his window and covered up the legend.

TN He tried to contact him by phone, but it was impossible.

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