Cubic MMO Trove receives Halloween-themed Shadow’s Eve event

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Trove, the popular cube-style MMO for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch by Trion Worlds and gamigo, presents the contents of its new event known as Shadow’s Eve, a series of unreleased Halloween-themed content that will be available only until next November 2, 2021. So they have announced those responsible presenting a new trailer and everything that players will find in this new update now available.

Shadow’s Eve update now available

The Shadow’s Eve event features a new mission seriesincluding an 11-part adventure in which players help new allies, the Order of the Moon, fight the werewolf curse of Quberus. Upon completing the quest, as well as the daily side quests, players will earn the Order of the Moon Treasure Box, which can contain various rare items, including new Lunar Lancer and Shadow Hunter suits, Quberus and Wolf Hunter, new allies (Q’ido and Q’olla), and a new mount (GOPHER).

Trove players returning to the game will discover several classic elements that are available again. Once again, players can create explosive pumpkins tossed and sweet corn in preparation for their return to the dungeons. However, there is a slight difference in this year’s pumpkin dungeons in the form of a new boss to fight. Defeating the boss will reward players with a new ally.

The event Shadow’s Eve from Trove available now, only until next time November 2, 2021.

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