Curiosities of Lupine before the second season

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Curiosities of Lupine before the second season

The father of Assane is a prisoner wrongly accused of robbery by the rich and powerful Hubert Pellegrini. So he decides to commit suicide by orphaning his young son. 25 years later, Assane He resolves to take revenge for this tragic act by putting his robbery skills to use alongside seductive charisma. Where do you find inspiration? In the novels about the thief Arsène Lupin.

The series, starring Omar Sy, is one of the big hits of the season. Its 5 episodes were devoured by the audience of the streaming giant Netflix that were waiting for the second part of the story of the white-collar thief who seeks revenge.

+ Curiosities you did not know about Lupine

5. Based on a series of novels

The story of Assane find inspiration in the author’s renowned novels Maurice Leblanc, that tell the adventures of Arsene Lupin; in France it has a popularity similar to that of the very Sherlock Holmes. Maybe that’s why Omar Sy agreed to impersonate the fan of Lupin looking for revenge.

4. Conceived by Louis Leterriere

The French filmmaker is the mind behind the hit show of Netflix. He directed three episodes of the first season and is responsible for selecting the protagonist of the series. They have known each other for a long time and are even neighbors in the city of Los Angeles, but they had never worked together. Leterriere’s credits include: Clash of the Titans, The Transporter and Now You See Me.

3. References to books

The series does not have as protagonist Lupin if not a fan of the original books that recreates many of the feats of the fictional character in real life. Even getting over it. The character of Omar Sy it is daring and honors the original material. Any inspirations? The Escape of Arsenio Lupine, The Queen’s Necklace, The Mysterious Traveler and The Hollow Needle.

2. The Drone Scene

One of the scenes that fascinated the audience of the series was that of the drone in episode 4 of the first season. It was necessary to work with a meticulously planned storyboard for the movements of the apparatus. The drone technicians handled two elements: the one that appears on the scene and the one that filmed the sequence. The steady cam also participated in the complex work that paid more than once its result was seen on the screen.

The second season of Lupine is approaching. Photo: IMDB

1. Delays due to COVID-19

The episodes of the original season of the series were shot in early 2019, but the second part was affected by the global pandemic caused by COVID-19. Unfortunately the production of the show had to stop for a while. Fortunately Lupin finished recording and will arrive at Netflix 11th June.

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