Curiosities of the Matrix 22 years after its premiere

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The original movie of Matrix premiered in 1999 with Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss y Laurence Fishburne como Neo, Trinity y Morpheus. The plot of the film tells how a common man wakes up from a virtual simulation that is the prison that machines use with human beings. He is rescued by Morpheus and find out what it is “the chosen one”, a being with great powers within the Matrix. The story moved audiences around the world for its philosophical features that invited to question everything.

Not only that. The film was also revolutionary from the technical aspects, with an exceptional VFX for the time, impressive Kung Fu fights and the Bullet Time, a visual effect where the action is seen in slow motion to be able to notice in detail each of the movements that occur on stage. Fascinating! Here a series of curiosities about the film that marked a whole generation.

+Matrix Curiosities

6. Will Smith did not want to be the protagonist

The actor of Men in Black turned down the starring role of Matrix: Neo. Although the interpreter knew how to choose successful projects in his career, such as Independence Day o Bad Boys, in this case he opted for Wild Wild West instead of the protagonist of Matrix. Clearly, it was a mistake in Smith’s professional life that he did not see the potential of the Wachowski film.

5. Keanu Reeves shared his salary with the team

Everyone knows and recognizes the philosophy of life of Keanu Reeves what is found away from material tastes and enjoy the simplest details. Pure humility. In this case, good old Keanu decided to share his salary with the team of the film as well as the perpetual rights that generate royalties forever.

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4. Major injuries

The main actors in the film trained for months to live up to the action sequences. That did not prevent injuries. Keanu Reeves the spine had to be operated on before filming began. On the other hand, Carrie-Anne Moss and Hugo Weaving injured their hips and Laurence Fishburne had a severe blow to the head!

The actors were injured on the set. (Photo: IMDB).

3. ¿Otra Trinity?

Jada Pinkett Smith was the first considered for the important role of Trinity. However, once her husband turned down the role of Neo, the actress was dismissed by those responsible for the project. But the interpreter left such a positive image that the Wachowskis considered her for the role of Niobe in the sequels. This character is a skilled ship pilot and Morpheus’ love interest.

2. Another actor for Morpheus

One of the key roles of Matrix is the leader Morpheus. In this case, interpreted by Laurence Fishburne. But the actor was not the first choice for this role. The truth is that Samuel L. Jackson He rejected the possibility even after he had read the script. Another actor who said no to this character? Sean Connery, who said he did not understand the plot of the film.

1. Neo’s room

The influence of religion, philosophy, and other sources on the mythology of the Matrix is ​​well known. In this case the novel of the Room 101 by George Orwell, he made a place in the movie. The plot of the book tells how the characters face their worst fears and nightmares in that room. In the movie, Neo’s apartment is 101, where the character will have to make a key decision to be freed from the Matrix.

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