Cyber ​​Monday 2021: the websites with the best offers and discounts

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After not a weekend, but a whole week, there is still one more day, the last 24 hours of discounts and offers in the so-called ‘hangover’ of Black Friday, a ‘Cyber ​​Monday’ or cyber Monday in which the discounts are mainly focused in Tech articles – hence the name.

Next we are going to review the stores that will maintain their discounts until midnight today, November 29:

Cyber Monday Samsung

Bringing together in one the festivities of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday -as many have decided to do this year- Samsung extends until midnight today its discounts of a Black Week to the top of technological offers like these:

Cyber Monday Apple

As is often the case, Apple follows its own current, and instead of being already with discounts, it prefers to apply its special promotions on the same day of the event. Thus, Apple’s Black Friday continues until midnight today Monday 29, but their offers will not be applied immediately on the product to buy, but if you buy an Apple device that is on sale, You pay its full price in exchange for the amount that they were going to deduct from you on a gift card to spend at the Apple Store.

If you are looking for an iPhone 12 or an iPhone SE (2020), for example, you pay the full price but you get a gift card with from 50 euros and will only be available until stock runs out.

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Cyber Monday Amazon

The Internet giant is also not losing ground, and this year it has decided to make Cyber ​​Monday part of its Black Friday week. What can we find? starting with the flash offers that continue to appear today: Telephony, wellness, entertainment, technology, furniture and many others receive offers of between 10-15% and more aggressive offers of 40, 50 or 58% inclusive.

Simply enter your HUB and select in the left column the type of product you are looking for. In the previous link you can check all the mobiles, iPads, tablets, headphones, smartwatches, laptops and TVs that Amazon has on discount today.

Cyber ​​Monday El Corte Inglés

Department stores are also joining this digital party. They already warn you on their page that they will be one of the best to date, with price reductions in different departments from video games, sports, clothing and accessories as well as daily purchases or even tickets for your next events. You can return your purchases until January 15, and in Technology these are the main discounts:

Cyber ​​Monday Fnac

The department store continues to celebrate Cyber ​​Monday with great discounts, from 50% on Telephony to 60% on Sound and Videogames. They also don’t miss out on opportunities like 20% on toys and merchandising or famous deals like 3×2 on movies:

Cyber ​​Week Media Market

Unlike last year, this 2021 Cyber ​​Monday will last only one day, and not 1 whole week. The web opens today new discounts that you will keep until tomorrow morning in these sections:

  • Consoles
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Smartwatches
  • Televisions
  • Laptops
  • Home appliances
  • Computer accessories
  • Photography

Cyber Monday Carrefour

Carrefour is not far behind and for this Cyber ​​Monday has launched discounts of up to 50% in its different sections of Electronics, from mobile phones to TVs, Photography and even drones.

Cyber Monday PcComponentes

One of the most famous online stores known to all electronics lovers is PcComponentes, which today adheres to the Cyber ​​Monday offers lowering everything: Drones, scooters, computers, monitors, motherboards … all with discounts that can exceed 60%.


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