Cyber ​​Monday begins: discounts, interest-free installments and promotions for three days

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The Cyber Monday enthuses the commercial sector, but fundamentally the tourist. In electoral terms, the Government also hopes to be able to show the results as a sign of economic recovery. If the projections could be more than double 2020 sales volumes and exceed turnover by more than 70%. Discounts, interest-free fees and strong promotions will be the keys of one of the most important events of electronic commerce.

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It begins this Monday and will run until Wednesday, November 3. It will be three days in which the offers of more than a thousand businesses adhered, belonging to the electro and techno categories; travels; furniture, home and deco; clothing and footwear; sports and fitness; food and drinks; cosmetics and beauty; automotive; babies and children; entrepreneurs, and services and miscellaneous. This year the solidarity one was also added, a space to make donations to NGOs.

According to the projections of Tendube, “It is estimated that in this event the turnover grows more than 70% and 800,000 products sold are exceeded ”last year. In the edit 2020, the total turnover was $1.531.475.118 and the average ticket per sale of $ 4,718. The transactions total were 324.603, according to the data collected by that Argentine unicorn.

What to keep in mind so as not to miss the best of Cyber ​​Monday

The most important thing, which both the organizers and the participating companies warn, is to access the promotions through the Cyber ​​Monday official website. This allows you to avoid fraud and deception, but also to access all the information in one place so that you can even compare.

For this purpose you can access new filters that will allow Compare offers from different brands. Among the featured filters is that of interest-free fees, discount for volume (2×1, 3×2, for example), order by prices from lowest to highest, sizes, colors, among others.

What promotions can be found

The key item will undoubtedly be that of sightseeing, hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic. The stars will be the weekend getaways and the national destinations for which the 50% discount off Pre-trip. With this program to travel from February 2022, the vouchers issued until December 31, 2021 are valid. But there will also be packages, tickets and stays to international destinations that can be purchased in installments and in pesos.

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As confirmed to TN from To take off, “The focus will be on financing, promotions, dues and some special promotions with some banks and some bonuses extra ”for company clients. In addition to domestic destinations, the offers will include opportunities to travel to Argentines’ preferred international destinations such as Brazil, Cancun, and Miami.

“The new edition of CyberMonday is a great opportunity for travelers, especially for those who wish to travel around our country, since the event offers can be combined with the benefits of Pre-trip. Also, it is a special time for our country as a tourist destination because has just been recognized as ‘South America’s Leading Destination’ at the World Travel Awards ”, he indicated Paula Cristi, General Manager of Despegar for Argentina and Uruguay.

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The company indicated that “the reactivation of the sector can be seen in the increase in sales for January and February which is from a 100% compared to the last weeks of September”. The most chosen national destinations for this summer are Mendoza, Ushuaia, Salta, Calafate, Iguazú and, leading the ranking, Bariloche.

On She called anticipated that they will be offering discounts exclusive, up to 50% off on selected products, flexible rates; until 12 installments without interest for all destinations and products; new ecotourism, gastronomic and adventure experiences with up to 30% off in national destinations; 50% discount on traveler assistance with Covid coverage; until 25% off in hotels, and flights and car rentals even with him 15% off.

“The increase in flight frequencies, together with the easing of restrictions, the decrease in Covid cases and the strong advance in vaccination, are creating a framework of greater confidence and safety when traveling. This in turn is the boost the sector needs for a sustained recovery over time. This Cyber ​​Monday comes at a very good time, and we believe that it is a very good opportunity for all of us to be able to travel again ”, he said. Magali Alvarez Howlin, Marketing manager of the company.

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Hotels and direct credit card promotions on Cyber ​​Monday

In the case of Accor, anticipated that it will offer discount for their hotels in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru, of the brands Sofitel, Novotel, Mercure and ibis. The offer also includes free accommodation for a child in the same room as the parents or an extra discount on an additional room.

“With tourism reactivated thanks to the progressive release of restrictions, lPeople are interested in resuming travel and planning their next getaways and vacations“, he claimed Franck Pruvost, COO of Accor for Hispanic countries.

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Another company that gave details about the Cyber ​​Monday promotions was the card Orange X what did you anticipate that you will offer up to 12 installments without interest in articles for him home, electro and cell phones; up to ten in perfumery and pharmacy; up to eight in Clothing and up to six in travel. In addition, online purchases in supermarkets will have a 30% discount and Plan Z and will promote special benefits in Frávega (9 installments without interest), Tiendamia and Aerolineas Argentinas (6 installments without interest).

What can be found on the Cyber ​​Monday website

  • Live shopping: It’s about a live streaming the three days between 18:30 and 22:00, in which brands will display their products. Articles can be viewed, analyzed and ask questions in a chat to evaluate options, as well as inquire about stock.
  • stories: a carousel of stories similar to social media will show the last minute offers, which will be updated during the three days. In addition, there will be an exclusive Cyber ​​Monday story, where all official communications can be found.
  • Mega Top Star Offers: this button will display the products with featured offers and not only the brands, as happened in previous editions. In this way, they will be able to compare products of different brands and offers.
  • Mega Bomb Deals: at 12:00, each of the three days of the event, will be announced special discounts in different categories. Will be available only for one hour and / or while supplies last.
  • Featured content: there will be a landing page with featured offers of the participating brands. There you can find visual content with explanatory text.
  • Most clicked: in this section you will be able to access a ranking of the most clicked products, to see what is generating the most interest among other users, and to know the opportunities. They may filter by categories.
  • New Filters: will allow Compare offers from different brands. Among the featured filters is that of interest-free fees, discount for volume (2×1, 3×2, for example), order by prices from lowest to highest, sizes, colors, among others.
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Tips for not missing anything on Cyber ​​Monday

  • Check in on the site or follow the official Instagram accounts, Twitter, Facebook and Tik Tok.
  • Corroborate with what payment methods there are facilities in terms of financing.
  • Access the brands participating in the event only through the Official site.
  • In case of finding a product of interest and being decided, buy at the moment, because it may not be available later because some have limited stock.
  • Pre-build a list of products of interest to purchase during Cyber ​​Monday and use it to organize purchases.
  • If a payment method in cash to pay for the purchase, do it as soon as possible so that the Shipping do not delay.
  • Analyze the Shipping options available and delivery times before finalizing the purchase, as they may vary depending on the product and the area.
  • Make a correct order tracking. Write down the number and shipping code at the time of closing the purchase because it will be used to track the package.

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  • Check the exchange and return policies of each store to know the options if you are not satisfied with the product.
  • In case of any inconvenience in the purchase, communicate directly with the company to solve it.

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