Cyber ​​Monday surprise: new Beats Studio Buds have a 40% sale

The new Beats Studio Buds are the best alternative to Airpods Pro

The Beats Studio Buds They went on the market this year, so no one expected them to have a significant discount this sales season, but we were wrong.

Amazon Mexico has surprised us with a 40% offer, which means that the price of these headphones remains at $ 1,986 pesos, which represents a saving of $ 1,313.

The main attraction of Beats Studio Buds is that they have noise cancellation technology in an extremely compact body, with resistance to sweat and being compatible with both iOS and Android. This versatility allows us to use the hearing aids immediately on an iOS device just by bringing them closer, being able to link them with an Android cell phone or tablet in a matter of seconds.

Its compact design is something that many users will appreciate, especially those with smaller ears, since their body maintains the dimensions quite a bit, without actually blooming too much from your ear (this is the main problem with some models on the market).

We are talking about Beats. After some amazing years in which the market stood out with powerful models characterized by their sonorous bass and a marketing supported by world sports stars, Apple ended up buying Beats to keep it as a parallel brand and very sports-focused headphones.

In the case of these Beats Studio Buds, the same thing happens, since thanks to their sweat protection we can use them in large training sessions, as well as in the rain, thanks to the certification IPX4.

In other words, we could be facing the best alternative to AirPods Pro, since they have the Apple seal, they connect automatically with iOS devices just by bringing the charging case closer, and it is compatible with Siri, being able to say “Hey Siri” to activate the assistant immediately.

By purchasing these models, you can also enjoy 4 free months of Apple Music, so you will have access to 75 million songs, without ads or interruptions the moment you start using them (after that time it will require a monthly or annual subscription for its use).

These hearing aids have a touch zone from which we can control different aspects, since we can control music playback, skip songs, answer calls, change cancellation modes or activate Siri.

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