Cyber Monday jumps from the virtual to the physical and prolongs the “Black Friday”

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Cyber Monday is transformed and this day of discounts intended at first for online stores and their electronic items, has now also been adapted to physical commerce to prolong the promotions of “Black Friday”.

Tomorrow will dawn another day full of offers aimed at stimulating the sale of consoles, mobiles, tablets, televisions, laptops, appliances or computer accessories.

However, the discounts will not remain only for those categories and will be extended to other products, such as those related to fashion, sports, accessories or household items, both in large stores and shopping centers and in small businesses.

It was precisely the small American business that launched in 2005 the idea of holding a particular day of offers, specifically the Monday immediately after “Black Friday”. They tried in this way to compensate for the avalanche of discounts in large establishments and shopping centers, which practically nullified their commercial capacity.

This idea, on the other hand, has faded with the passage of time and this year we will see that, in practice, this cyber Monday has been added to the week of “Black Friday”. In fact, it is already a final appendage to satisfy consumer appetite before Christmas.

The National Association of Large Distribution Companies (Anged) announced that commerce in twelve communities will open on Sunday to expand the commercial offer for consumers, while cyber Monday discounts will represent for the group “a stimulus for many postponed purchases” due to the impacts of the energy crisis and the rise in prices.

In the case of fashion, Anged believes that the arrival of the cold and the combination of discounts “can help recover sales” of seasonal clothing that the high temperatures of autumn have delayed.

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The association also foresees for this Monday advance purchases of toys and gifts for Christmas, which is a trend that has become more frequent in recent years.

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