Cyberattacks in Latin America have increased 24% this year

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Cyberattacks in Latin America have increased 24% this year

Bogotá, Aug 31 (EFE) .- Cyber ​​attacks in Latin America have increased 24% so far this year compared to the first 8 months of 2020, according to a report presented this Tuesday, which warns of the growing threat of malicious programs to spy on your partner and remote access intrusion “apps”.

The Panorama of Threats in Latin America 2021, prepared by the Russian cybersecurity giant Kaspersky and presented this Tuesday at a virtual press conference, indicates that the vertiginous growth of cyberattacks is reflected in all the countries of the region, with the exception of Costa Rica, which registered a slight increase of 2%.

The rebound, which occurs in the midst of a telework boom due to the pandemic, is led by Ecuador, with an increase of 75%, followed by Peru (+71%), Panama (+60%), Guatemala (+43 %) and Venezuela (+29%), according to the report based on data obtained by Kaspersky solutions installed in users in the region.


The Top 20 malware (malicious programs) generates an average of 35 attacks per second in the region, with Brazil leading (1,390 infection attempts per minute), followed by Mexico (299 per minute), Peru (96), Ecuador (89) and Colombia (87).

“Costa Rica, Guatemala and Panama suffered two attack explosions, one in February and another in June. We do not know why, but it was detected that criminals are putting a lot of interest in these three countries,” says Dmitry Bestuzhev, director of the Kaspersky Research and Analysis Team for Latin America.

This, the expert adds, shows that the target of criminals is shifting to countries that are not so large in terms of population size.


The study highlights that the high rate of pirated programs is a determining factor for cybercrime.

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