Cynthia Klitbo says that her character in “Meeting of Neighbors” “is the cutest” she has played in her life

Remembered for her villainous roles, the Mexican actress Cynthia Klitbo He returned to our country to give details of his great participation in the series “Junta de NEIGHBORS”, which will premiere this Monday, December 13 on the screens of América TV.

The Mexican actress said that as soon as she left Televisa she received the offer from ProTv Producciones to work under the general direction of Miguel Zuloaga and did not hesitate to accept it, since mIt will show a different facet to the one we are accustomed to,

“I had the opportunity to come to work here and for me it was a dream and it came true”, said. He indicated that he had already set foot on Peruvian soil before, when promoting the telenovela “La Dueña” at the end of the 90s, and “Fell in love with this country.”

“I had come before and I fell madly in love with Peru. I was amazed not only by the history, but by its culture, its people, the food “, he referred.

In addition, the famous antagonist of Mexican soap operas confessed that His new character, Genoveva de la Colina, is the best he has had to perform in his more than 40 years of experience. “She is the most beautiful character they have given me in my entire life because she is endearing and I am madly in love with her”, he assured.

According to the history of Peruvian production, Genoveva de la Colina is a Peruvian actress who emigrated to Mexico and managed to become one of the most sought-after artists of all time, considered by the media, as “the diva of divas”.

Nevertheless, makes a terrible mistake and is banned from the Latin market because of that “regrettable incident”. After many years, she is forced to return to the home of her deceased parents in Lima. Here she meets the love of her life Américo Collareta (Sergio Galliani), who left her planted at the altar.

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