Cynthia Nixon’s Candid Take: “Working with Kim Cattrall Felt Like Walking on Lead Feet”

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Cynthia Nixon Opens Up About Kim Cattrall and the Return of Samantha Jones

The voices against Kim Cattrall don’t stop. The actress who was part of the Sex and the City series did not have the best of relationships with the rest of her companions, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, and Cynthia Nixon. For this reason, when the continuation of that fiction, titled And Just Like That, was announced, Cattrall did not join the project, and the rest of the protagonists did not insist on her returning either.

Cattrall’s Unexpected Appearance

Despite this and to the surprise of the public, Variety revealed that Cattrall recorded a brief appearance on March 22 in New York. In that scene, she is seen having a phone conversation with Carrie Bradshaw. But the Hollywood publication anticipated that Cattrall not only did not speak with any of her co-stars but also not with the executive producer of the series, Michael Patrick King. Parker and Davis recently gave their opinion on the relationship with Cattrall, and now Nixon has joined in and shared a very hard look at what was linked to the actress who played Samantha Jones.

Recording Without Cattrall

In a recent note with Vanity Fair, Cynthia Nixon was asked about her relationship with Kim Cattrall, and they asked her what she thinks about the atypical way in which Samantha Jones would return to the universe of Sex and the City. “I read all the scripts, but I still haven’t seen any of the episodes,” commented the interpreter. Nixon later gave her opinion on what it was like to record without Cattrall: “Everything felt very different. It was all different because we had these wonderful new characters, and we are older, and our fictional children are adults. A lot of things felt different.” And in an obvious allusion to her partner, Nixon added: “But what really felt great was that all of us who were there really wanted to be there. That is the most important. We all love each other, we all love our show, and we wanted to do more episodes. And that’s why we wanted to be there.”

Nixon’s Forceful Opinion

In another section of the note, Nixon gave a forceful opinion, although without naming Cattrall. “What made a huge difference was that we didn’t have to tread carefully for someone who was unhappy, for reasons that were hard to even understand,” she said. Finally, and when asked if she had spoken with Kim Cattrall, she highlighted: “I already said what I had to say. And that was much more than I ever told anyone.”

Kristin Davis’s Stance

A few days ago, the actress who plays Charlotte, Kristin Davis, also referred to the friction with Cattrall. In dialogue with The Telegraph, Davis responded to an uncomfortable question about whether any of the actresses in the series had spoken with her former partner to celebrate her return as Samantha Jones. Faced with this query, she responded concisely: “You have to respect the wishes of the people. I don’t intend to waste energy on that. I can’t change anyone. Of course, I understand the feeling of the fans and their disappointment, and I would love to be able to fix that, but I can’t. It is not something that is in my hands.”

Although Cattrall abandoned that fiction because she did not agree with the direction that the writers wanted to give her character, Davis showed a very different position and assured that she “would not change anything” from the path Charlotte walked. Later, the actress expressed that although she is very happy with And Just Like That, she does not imagine continuing to play the same character ten years from now when Charlotte is in her sixties. “That would be a very strange thing to do,” Kristin concluded.

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