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Cypress Hill, London Symphony Mashup Inspired by ‘The Simpsons’

Some 28 years ago, The Simpsons made a joking reference to a collaboration between the rappers Cypress Hill and the London Symphony Orchestra. In a classic episode of the show, the 420-friendly group was humorously depicted as possibly being high while teaming up with the orchestra.

Tonight, that whimsical pairing becomes a reality at London’s Royal Albert Hall. This long-awaited collaboration between Cypress Hill and the London Symphony Orchestra was driven by fans eager to see the idea come to life.

The group—comprising B-Real, Sen Dog, and Eric Bobo—appeared in the seventh season of The Simpsons in an episode titled “Homerpalooza.” In this episode, Homer takes his family to a rock festival to prove he’s still cool, leading to some unforgettable backstage interactions.

During the episode, as the Simpsons explore backstage, a symphony coordinator humorously comments, “Come on people, somebody ordered the London Symphony Orchestra, possibly while high!” He then adds, “Cypress Hill, I’m looking in your direction.”

Shortly after, the group asks the orchestra if they know the song Insane in the Brain to which a violinist replies, “We mostly know classical…but we could give it a shot.”

The light-hearted scene was a huge hit with fans and sparked a lot of interest and amusement over the years. It even inspired real-life action when the Wu-Tang Clan performed with a symphony, pushing Cypress Hill to seriously consider doing the same.

Cypress Hill has already performed two shows in the United States with the Colorado Symphony, which crafted original orchestrations of the group’s music. These orchestrations have now been adapted by the LSO for their performance tonight.

This collaboration showcases how a beloved television show has the power to inspire real-world events, blending genres and bringing together fans of different kinds of music for a unique experience. As art imitates life, or in this case, life imitates art, it’s a reminder of how imaginative ideas can transcend the screen to become a reality that many can enjoy.

Source: Particle News