“Daddy Yankee and Farruko Pay Tribute to Reggaeton Pioneer’s Tragic Passing”

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The world of urban music in Puerto Rico is in mourning as the news of Neftalí Álvarez Núñez’s violent death, also known as Pacho “El Antifeka”, shocked fans and colleagues alike. The singer was found dead from bullet wounds in a car parked in a shopping center in Bayamón. The police collected bullet casings from both a rifle and a pistol at the scene. While a possible link to drugs was mentioned, other reasons have not been ruled out.

Despite his criminal record for violation of the Weapons Law and police searches of his home, Pacho “El Antifeka” was always considered a real person, honest and sincere with his peers. According to Daddy Yankee, a renowned urban music artist, “I offer him my sincere friendship regardless of his condition, social status, skin color, religion, or sexual orientation.”

Pacho & Cirilo, his music duo, was where Neftalí Álvarez Núñez and Daddy Yankee started their friendship. Daddy Yankee expressed his grief on his official Instagram account, under a photo with Antifeka, saying, “I am aware that you always treated me with respect, appreciation, honesty, sincerity, and loyalty.”

Famous urban genre representatives also expressed their sorrow on social media, like Farruko, saying, “Brother, we didn’t talk all the time, but when we did, we always talked of God, to try to be better people… God have mercy and give your family strength.”

The Puerto Rican music industry lost one of its pioneers of reggaeton, but Neftalí Álvarez Núñez’s music will remain alive. His legacy showed the world that no matter their past, a person can change and make a significant impact in their field.

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