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‘Daily Show’ Compares Joe Biden to Gwyneth Paltrow Guest Who ‘Messed Up’
Comedy Central

Recurring The Daily Show co-host Desi Lydic kicked off her Tuesday monologue by addressing the viral tale of a guest who experienced “catastrophic diarrhea” at Gwyneth Paltrow’s guest house. However, it soon became evident that Lydic was drawing a parallel to President Joe Biden and the aftermath of his lackluster debate performance late last month.

“It brings up an interesting question. When you mess up as publicly and nationally as this guest did, should you stay in the house? Or is it time to leave?” Lydic pondered.

She continued, “I know that some people would argue the guest simply had an off night. He’s a decent individual with a lifetime of service as a house guest, so he deserves a chance to rectify his mistake. But the reality is, we all know he messed up. We can’t unsee it. And now, every time we see him, we’ll be wondering, ‘Is it going to happen again?’”

“Uh, are we still talking about the house guest?” co-host Jordan Klepper interjected.

“All I’m saying is,” Lydic responded, “Gwyneth has every right to be cautious about inviting this house guest to stay over for the next four years or so.”

Klepper suggested that it might be “too late” for Gwyneth to find another “house guest,” to which Lydic retorted, “There’s plenty of time to find another house guest!”

Klepper then raised the possibility that the next “house guest” could be even worse. Lydic replied, “Maybe. But we should at least be honest about the mess instead of pretending it never happened. Otherwise, we might deceive ourselves into believing this is the best we can get, and suddenly it’s January, and we have an unwanted house guest in our lives, and nobody in the house can get a goddamn abortion!”

“I’m almost certain we’re not talking about the house guest,” Klepper said.

Lydic quickly confirmed, “No, we’re not.”

Much like Jon Stewart in his Monday monologue, both Lydic and Klepper appeared to lack confidence in Biden’s chances for reelection.

Klepper sharpened his critique during Tuesday’s segment, concluding, “So… Joe Biden messed up.”

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Source: The Daily Beast