Dakota Johnson, synonymous with classic style in Hollywood

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When talking about fixers trends and style names like him will jump in Hollywood Dakota Johnson, Jennifer Lawrence O Jennifer Aniston. The star of “50 Shades of Gray” is one of the most followed by the paparazzi or fans and now that he is in the recordings of his new movie he once again demonstrated his sense of fashion.

Used to always being in the center of attention, thanks to the popularity her parents always had: Melanie Griffith Y Don Johnson or her grandmother, Tippi Hedren, the 30-year-old actress developed a taste for the style from a very young age.

In the latest images captured by the paparazzi of Dakota Johnson she is seen on the set of “Persuasion,” the new Netflix movie based on the play by Jane Austen. What caught the attention of fans on social networks like Twitter was the classic white shirt that he chose for the occasion.

Although it is clearly about the wardrobe requirements with which the protagonist must comply, no one dares to deny that outside these parameters her taste is well received. Of course, he receives advice from his personal stylist, who usually puts together outfits that later go through his approval.

The wardrobe of Dakota Johnson it is just as she describes it: like a disco ball. Sometimes it is off (in the day), but at night it turns into lights and parties. The actress has the ability to combine basic garments to perfection without falling into the simple or not very memorable and there is no piece that she wears that does not become the most sought after of the season.


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