Dalia Durán after seeing John Kelvin at the appeal hearing: “It was difficult for me” | VIDEO

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Dalia Duran He spoke with the program “Magaly TV: La Firme” and said that he saw John Kelvin during an appeal hearing.

The meeting between the still spouses took place on Monday, August 9. Dalia and John saw each other after the attack in the San Miguel district.

“It was difficult for me to see him again after a month and 4 days. I don’t hold a grudge against him. There is no way that I feel that (hate) because it does not let me move forward in life. I speak like mom ”, counted.

At another time, the Cuban showed her new apartment, which she will occupy with her young children. “I already managed to move and it feels calmer, it is what I wanted for my children and myself”, he expressed.

“In my previous house there were beautiful memories, but that was where the attack happened. It was not good to continue in that place for the boys (their children) and for me either ”, added.

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