Dalia Durán wishes to request asylum in another country: Staying here is not a good option | VIDEO

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In the recent broadcast of “Magaly TV: La Firme”, Dalia Duran She spoke about how she felt after it became known that her still husband, John Kelvin, received seven months of preventive detention after physically, psychologically and sexually assaulting her.

In addition, the Cuban revealed that her family is already aware of what happened between her and the father of her four children.

“My parents have just found out, there they don’t have much access to the internet, but my half sister does and they have started to investigate after an image that came to them. I tried to keep them out of what is happening, but it has already gotten out of hand. My family is just like his, a thousand times worse and destroyed because they have me far away ”, he pointed.

Dalia ruled out the possibility of her family coming to Peru to accompany her, because the airports in Cuba are closed. However, he expressed his desire to request asylum in another country in order to overcome the stormy stage that he lived with John Kelvin.

“I was going to talk to my lawyer because I hadn’t told him, but possibly one of my options was to request asylum outside of this country, refuge is one of the options because staying here I don’t know if it would be a good option right now. I am going to evaluate him and talk with him, and if I am given the opportunity to go to another country to live with my children ”, sentenced.

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