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Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Life After the Show

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Life After the Show

If you recently watched America’s Sweethearts on Netflix and are curious about what the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders from last season are up to now, you’re in the right place.

The seven-episode series on Netflix has likely kept you entertained with its detailed look into the lives of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders during the 2023 season. It highlights their audition process, what they do between games, and the eventual conclusion of the season when decisions are made about their return. Out of 36 women who made the squad, the show primarily focuses on a select few. Here’s an update on their lives since the show ended.

Reece Weaver, a rookie cheerleader who caught a lot of attention, married her fiancé Will this past April, who was also featured on the show.

Anna, who was notably featured due to her sister’s previous involvement on the squad, remains fairly quiet on social media. Her sister Caroline, who did not make the squad last season due to an injury, now sells medical equipment in Dallas.

Kat, arguably the most outspoken member about the cheerleaders’ pay, wasn’t on the squad during the show’s filming but continues to assist as a coordinator for DCC. She’s also a realtor in North Texas.

Victoria, the cheerleader who went through a lot in the 2023 season, moved to New York City in hopes of becoming a Rockette for the Christmas season. She faced numerous challenges but continues to chase her dreams.

Camille, who was the rookie of the year, is equally quiet on social media and plans to return next year, as seen in the show.

Sophy Laufer experienced a significant moment during the show when she reported being groped by a photographer on the sidelines. Despite her efforts to press charges, the Arlington Police Department claimed insufficient video evidence. She plans to come back next year despite the ordeal.

One of the major storylines involved Kelcey Wetterberg, who marked her fifth and final year with the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders. She was seen advising younger girls in the show and got engaged in the final episode. A week ago, she picked out her dream dress.

Not everyone made the team, and Kelly was one of the cheerleaders who were cut before the season. She hasn’t given up and is trying out for the 2024 team. Charly, another cut cheerleader, also plans to try out for the next season.

Anisha Kurukulasuriya was another cut but will not return for another tryout this season. Instead, she now teaches Bollywood-style dancing classes in Dallas.

Ari, who didn’t make it on the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, found a spot with the Miami Dolphins after being cut from the Netflix show. It’s unclear if she will stay in Miami or try out in Dallas again.

Madeline Salter, whose mother was also a cheerleader, plans to try out in 2024, aiming for her fourth year on the team.

If you’re interested in more updates on the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, check out the story in US Weekly.

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