Dani Alves’ Infidelity and Insistence on Consensual Sex in a Nightclub

By: Dan Cooper

Published on:

Former FC Barcelona player Dani Alves appeared in court on Monday to testify about his alleged involvement in the rape of a young woman at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona. Alves has been in pre-trial detention since January 20 after being arrested for the incident. He admitted to the judge that he had sexual relations with the young woman. He claimed the interactions were consensual but admitted he lied in his first statement to hide his infidelity to his wife.

This was the second time Alves testified before the judge, and he confessed that he had both vaginal and oral sex with the young woman. This is the first time he has admitted to having vaginal sex with her. According to his defense, the Brazilian footballer emphasized that he is always respectful towards women and that he only approaches them when he appreciates a clear disposition to maintain an intimate relationship.

Alves argued that he lied in his initial statement because he was obsessed with hiding his infidelity from his wife. He also revealed that the sexual relations he had with the young woman inside the bathroom were free and voluntary. The young woman never asked him to stop the relationship.

According to legal sources, the footballer’s objective for requesting the statement was to clarify the contradictions he incurred when he was questioned in court after his arrest. One of the reasons for his admission to prison was the inconsistencies in his initial statement. His defense will again request his provisional release after his statement.

The Court of Barcelona previously agreed to keep Alves in preventive detention, appreciating a “high” risk of flight and considering the evidence that accuses him is “severe” and “diverse.” The Brazilian athlete has insisted that he is innocent of the rape allegations brought against him.

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