Daniela Beltranena allowed to leave the country and undergo treatment in the US By Judicial Court

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Daniela Beltranena obtained permission to travel to the United States and subject her minor son to medical examinations and treatment. The judge of Higher Risk B, explained “these are the guarantees that every person has” and went on to say that “it is a serviceable permit that must be given”, so that they attend to the child. In order to travel, Beltranena must still get a visa from the U.S. Embassy.

This Friday, February 11, a hearing was held in the High-Risk Court B, in charge of Miguel Ángel Gálvez, where Beltranena requested a permit to travel to the United States so that her son can receive medical treatment. Beltranena had been placed under house arrest since 2021, when her defense argued she was at risk of coronavirus infection.

The judge’s ruling was given despite a request from the Special Prosecutor’s Office against Impunity (FECI) for the former deputy not to receive the benefit, as she presented photographs showing that she met with some officials.

Daniela Beltranena is sentenced to three years in prison for corruption case in the RIC

Gálvez indicated that the release was granted by a humanitarian measure, considering the pandemic. On this occasion, Judge Gálvez argued that Beltranena’s petition is part of the guarantees that every person has and indicated that it is a serviceable permit for the child to receive the necessary attention. The FECI did not present any opposition for Beltranena to receive the requested benefit.

In addition, Beltraneja’s defense required Gálvez a certificate of permission to attach it to an application that they will address to the U.S. Embassy in Guatemala since it was detailed that they have already received the minor’s travel visa, but not that of his parents.

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The child’s parent is Álvaro Mayorga, who has already been convicted along with other people who pleaded guilty in the Construction and Corruption case, through an abbreviated procedure by the judge of Higher Risk D, Éricka Aifán.

Convicted in RIC case

In addition to the process that Beltranena faces in the Cooptation of the State case, on October 2, 2019, she was sentenced to three years in prison commutable by the Cadastral Information Registry (RIC) case: Caja de Pagos. On that occasion, Beltranena apologized for the actions he would have incurred.

According to the accusation of the MP, Beltranena would have consented to third parties stealing money from the RIC.

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