Daniela Darcourt after being blocked by Christian Yaipén in “La Voz Kids Peru”: “Until today we are friends” – MAG.

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In the recent broadcast of “La Voz Kids Peru”, Daniela Darcourt he was outraged at his teammate Christian Yaipén after he blocked his chair so that he could not add participant Patrick Johau, 13, to his team.

Patrick performed “Oye” and made Eva Ayllón and Joey Montana the first to turn, and seconds before the end of their presentation, Daniela and Christian turned around.

“Wait, hush, forgive me, my love. Nobody move. I know it wasn’t you (Joey), you would never dare mommy (Eva). No, don’t explain anything to me ”, The salsa singer said after noticing that she was blocked by Yaipén.

“Patrick, how old are you. Who accompanied you today? Daniela to the little one, who replied: “13 years old, my grandfather, my mother and my cousin accompanied me”.

After that, the Peruvian singer said that she was surprised by her partner’s decision, as she clarified that she was “playing” fair in the “La Voz Kids Peru” competition.

“For them a gigantic kiss. Look at the stupidity that Mr. Christian Yaipén has done by picón, who has denied me the possibility of being with you. I do not understand the reasons why I with you (Christian) in this competition have played fair, I have paid attention to you. Above, in this audition I just gave you nice signs to turn around ”, he bounded.

The interpreter of “Cambio mi corazón”, “Motor y Motivo” and “Parranda la Negrita” said he reacted like this because he was moved by Patrick’s voice.

“Most of the kids who sing like that wow, they come looking, so I wanted that kid on my team. This is valid. I said better I block her and I have a hope that she will come to my team ”, Christian defended himself. “Imagine how excited I am with your voice that I have blocked my friend and partner”, he bounded.

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However, Daniela Darcourt made the following clarification: “Until today we are friends. It was enough ”.

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