Daniella Pineda responds with an ingenious message to the criticism for not having the voluptuous physique of the animated character she will play

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Daniella Pineda, the American actress who will play Faye Valentine in the Netflix adaptation of ‘Cowboy Bebop’, one of the most recognized anime series, has sent a witty and forceful message to her critics after the negative comments she received after the first previews of the production will be shown.

After this Monday the production company released some images in which images of the main characters of the series are shown, the bounty hunters Spike Spiegel, Jet Black and Faye Valentine, the actress was the target of a large amount of ridicule and criticism from Anime fans who do not consider her to be the one, mainly because of her physique, to play the bounty hunter.

Through a story shared on her Instagram account, the artist ironically apologized for not having the body of the character she plays. “I want to apologize to the ‘fans’ because I do not match anatomically my 6-foot-7 character, with double-D breasts, two-inch waist. They looked everywhere for that woman and couldn’t find her! It’s a bit weird Then they decided on my little ass, “Pineda said.

Similarly, she offered an apology and explained why her character’s wardrobe is not “exactly the same” as in the series, where the vigilante wears a low-cut yellow top under a loose red shirt, shorts, and white ankle boots. that it is very difficult to make action scenes. “That original suit, they made a couple of them, but, like I said, they ended up being sucked into my various crevices, never to be retrieved again, so we needed to build something that could stand the test of time,” he commented sarcastically.

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Despite the fact that the tone used is more humorous than aggressive, through social networks they have commented on the correctness of their comments that, between the lines, reveal the reification and unreal standards established for women who play a character, while also criticizing all people who value a woman’s appearance sexualizing her.

Despite having only 26 episodes, the adventures, misadventures and tragedies of a group of bounty hunters who travel aboard their spaceship have made ‘Cowboy Beebop’ one of the references of anime outside of Japan. Now, Netflix hopes to have the same success with its live-action adaptation, which will be released this fall through its platform.

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