Danish anti-vaccines share candy and food to get infected and get the covid passport

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Danish health authorities have denounced the groups made up of vaccine opponents, who through different social networks express their willingness to get coronavirus to obtain the covid passport, the certificate that is given to those who have received the respective vaccines or to people who have already overcome the disease. The document is valid for 6 months and allows access to bars, restaurants, discos, cinemas, galleries, museums and other public places, as well as being able to travel abroad without the need to present the results of a pcr test or an antigen test .

Faced with the growing pressure from the government On residents who have not yet been immunized, members of these closed groups look for infected people to meet them and try to contract covid-19.

“It’s just that I’m tired of this. So, it’s to get the health passport quickly and avoid being tested all the time. Then, one becomes immune to the disease”, explained an anti-vaccine citizen to TV 2 Lorry, in the framework of an investigation into the “crown visits”.

According to the results of the investigation, many are willing to go very far in the fight to get sick from the coronavirus.

“My son and his friends were sick and isolated. […] And for that, I hug them, I eat from their plates and I drink from their glasses“added the woman, who wanted to remain anonymous.

Another netizen, whose real name is also not revealed, explains that you have to “make a deal with someone”, for example, share candy. Kissing, hugging and shaking hands is not enough. To increase the possibility of contagion it is necessary sharing infected mucosa, ensures the vaccine.

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“I went to visit a good friend of mine, when he tested positive and was more contagious, and I shared a candy with him. But I didn’t succeed, “says a third interviewee about her failed attempt to get infected.

Jan Pravsgaard Christensen, a professor in the Department of Immunology and Microbiology at the University of Copenhagen, explains that some people refuse to get vaccinated because they are concerned about side effects. However, he notes, deliberately getting infected is not safe at all and, conversely, it can be very harmful and cause a serious condition in patients.

“In my opinion, getting infected poses an unnecessary risk and the side effects of vaccines are extremely rare, “added the doctor.

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