Danna Paola after premiering “A un beso”: “This is the first love song I write”

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Danna Paola He surprised his fans with the release of his new single “A Un Beso”, a soft romantic ballad that will put the emotions of his fans to the surface, since this song shows not only the passion of Danna Paola when interpreting it but also his extraordinary vocal range for which she is recognized as the ‘Princess of Latin Pop’.

“This is the first love song that I write, I feel excited for this release, as it represents something magical and special for me, it is a song where my heart speaks, my feelings and love. I hope you identify with the lyrics and enjoy it as much as I do ”, voiced the singer-songwriter.

“A Un Beso” was written and produced by Danna Paola, Dahiana Rosenblatt and Pablo Martin. The release is accompanied by a video with the lyrics of the song that is already available on its official YouTube channel, while the official video clip of this new single will be released on November 18.

Likewise, through this single and her powerful voice we can hear a Danna Paola in love and full of feminine empowerment that has characterized her since the release of her last two singles “MÍA” and “Kaprichosa”.

“A Un Beso” will not be the singer’s last release this year, but promises another new single for next November, thus demonstrating, once again, her arduous dedication and passion for music.

It should be noted that recently Danna Paola was nominated for the first time for a Latin Grammy, no less than in the Best Pop Vocal Album category for her most recent record production KO (Knockout).

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KO represents an invitation to the artist’s “break up party”, reflecting her sentimental life in recent years, telling a love story, from the first song that opens the door to a possibility in love, passing through romance, the disappointment and oblivion, like a knockout that puts an end to the love disappointments that you have experienced; thus managing to highlight the importance of self-love, a characteristic quality of this album.

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