“Danna Paola stuns in her glamorous 28th birthday look”

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Danna Paola Celebrates 28th Birthday in

Danna Paola continues to show why she is considered one of the artists who, in addition to her great professional career, stands out for her beauty and talent in the show environment. The interpreter of ‘Oye Pablo’ is wearing long tablecloths, because this Friday he turns 28 years old, being one of the stars who has managed to impose his style in the entertainment environment.

Through his social networks, the young artist shared a series of photographs with which he managed to impose fashion, because appears posing under the sun with a bathing suit with which he managed to win all eyes. The garment, two-piece and black, is of a very simple and elegant design for young people of her generation.

“Last day at 27”, wrote the also actress and model in the post on her Instagram account and received more than 500,000 likes, in addition to endless comments congratulating her on her spectacular figure. “You are so perfect”, “So beautiful”, “One more year accompanying you”, “How precious” and “The most beautiful”, are some of the messages that are read together with the publication on Instagram.

The one born in Mexico City, who has more than 34.7 million followers on the aforementioned social network, reflected in recent days on her upcoming arrival at 3 decades:

“I was very afraid of being an adult then, face it and feel proud to reach this age, knowing everything you know, and if you are still discovering yourself do not be in a hurry, life first God, go on and will continue to teach you.”

Finally, during one of her concerts of the ‘XT4S1S Tour’ in Mexico, the singer added: “To all those who are like me, who are turning 28, or who are in their 30s, understand that it is something precious and that you have to thank life and that we are here, thank you for accompanying me”.

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