Danny Duncan – All About This Famous Prankster on YouTube

By: Belu Di Lorenzo

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Youtube is a wonderful platform. It has enabled many new users to show their talent to the world. Many new talents have become noticed as people post about them on their channels. The platform is easy to use and comes with multiple features. No matter your profession, if you have talent, then the forum will give you space to show that off to the world. 

Danny Duncan is one such YouTuber who became famous after he landed on youtube. His acting, comedy, and personality charm the world. There is a lot more to know about him and his net worth. Let us take a look at that.

Who Is Danny Duncan?

Danny was born on July 27, 1992, in Florida, England. He graduated from lemon bay high school. Soon after graduating, he started working at Walgreens. His parents are separated. He has a younger sister and a half-brother named Matthew. He likes to keep his personal life private, and to date, no one knows about the real issue between his parents. 

From a very early age, he has bent toward the funny side. He has a very charming personality and likes to keep the environment’s mood light. Soon after joining Walgreens, he quit the job because the job was quite boring for his interest. Later Danny got an amazing opportunity to join actor Jason Lee for some amazing skate moves.

With his good humor sense and charming personality, he won the hearts of the actor. Jason Lee was very much impressed by his sense of humor and advised him to become an actor. He also advises him to start with youtube as youtube is the most opted platform of the recent generation. From this, he can also come to the notice of the public. Danny took his advice seriously and looks at him now where he is standing in his career.

Danny’s Introduction To Youtube

Danny started his own youtube channel on March 6, 2014. He knows the tacts and tricks of the skateboard, so he decided to start with it only. He posts videos about skateboarding and mentoring sports-related injuries. His videos started becoming popular, and then he shifted his content to prank videos. He teamed up with one of his fellow bloggers Cristopher Chan to make more videos. In most of his pranks, sarcasm is always hidden at the end, making the video more interesting to watch.

In 2016 he got a good break from his videos. One of the videos went viral, and he came to the notice. The name of the video is ” falling with 30,000 pennies.” The video singlehandedly has touched 30 million views, which is his most-watched video. 

Along with YouTube, he is also a great musician and actor. He has released one of his compositions, which many fans like. Now he is the way to remove some more music content on the channel. His youtube career has taken him to such great heights that once he is romantically collabed with other great YouTubers like Lindsy Bell.

Currently, he has 6.7 million subscribers on his youtube channel. His fun, liveliness, charisma, and relationship with the people are the main reasons people have been attracted to his videos. He made the most relatable content with the viewers; in the end, the surprise element is just like the cherry on top. He always says that the basic elements of his videos are sarcasm and should not be taken seriously.

Danny’s Net Worth

Youtube has opened many opportunities for people with the courage to take risks with their content. Danny is friends with the other YouTubers, Andrew and Christopher. All three together have given great content to the public. Danny once wishes to be an actor through this platform. Once the channel became successful, many companies approached him to show ads between his videos. According to the sources, his daily estimated income from ads is 2000$. This while concluded to be around 30 thousand dollars in the whole month.

If we also include the sponsorships and other video views, it is estimated that Danny alone, from his youtube videos, can crack the 5 million dollars annually. He has become such a great influencer on youtube that people are now looking at him on other online platforms. He has spread his popularity to other platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. He is also making a good amount of revenue from these platforms. 

Besides all the online platforms, he also has his merchandise named ” The Virginity Rocks.” The brand was established in 2017. In July 2018, his first touring sales were made in the United States. The brand is really good, and for him, this is his best move to create money. The brand has been a continuous and more stable source of income for him. His merchandise is available either from his official website or a link in his Instagram bio.

Danny’s Controversies. 

Online platforms led people to invade their personal life directly. You cannot run from your deeds, and the people looking at you will give their reactions the minute after you post the video. No start has been away from the controversies. No matter how loving you are, these controversies will surround you.

In one of his videos, he made a pop in the back of his truck and drove the pickup car on the highway. The moment he posted this video, he was booked for putting his life and the lives of other drivers in danger. This is a big move, and the video was his most talked about concerning safety measures. Another act he pulled on his mother was when he gifted her a male penis-looking mailbox. The video also had some negative impacts on him. 

He made another YouTuber angry through one of his videos because he said he was a fake. This made the fans of other YouTubers angry, but when the situation got out of control, Danny came forward and explained that this was all a prank and scripted. They have made the video, and he is pretty chill with that. 

No matter what he does, people love his talent and look forward to his content. He is making a good impact on the people. With this growth rate, he will surely become the hit star of the next-gen. 

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