“Danny Masterson of That ’70s Show Could Serve Over 30 Years in Prison”

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Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele announced a “war” against corruption on Thursday through a speech before Congress, after marking four years of his administration. Bukele highlighted the achievements on his crusade against gangs and promised a legal reform to reduce legislative seats and municipalities in the country. He also announced building a special prison for “white-collar criminals” to lock up corrupt officials and seize everything they have stolen. Bukele assured that acts of corruption do not allow the State to allocate funds to social areas or other needs of the population. The “frontal war” against corruption will be at all levels, and Bukele accused officials of the State in collusion with “private businessmen” of committing corrupt practices.

The Salvadoran president did not specify figures on corruption but highlighted that it has tentacles at all levels of the Salvadoran state. Attorney General Rodolfo Delgado led an operation to “extinction of domain” of properties of the former right-wing President Alfredo Cristiani, who is accused of acts of corruption and fled the country. The Prosecutor’s Office “prepares” a “formulation of charges of a criminal nature” against Cristiani for alleged corruption, and the authorities have proceeded to the “extinction of domain” of his properties.

Bukele proposed reducing the number of legislative seats from 84 to 60 and reducing the number of municipalities in the country from 262 to 44. He hopes that his proposals will be “approved” by Congress before the 2024 general elections. Bukele marked the achievements of his crusade against gangs and launched a fight against corruption committed by officials of the State in collusion with “private businessmen.” He also promised to build a special prison for corrupt officials, just as he built a mega-prison for gang members.

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