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Danny Trejo Reacts Aggressively After Being Hit by Water Balloon

Danny Trejo‘s Fourth of July brawl was crazier than initially thought – as new video obtained by TMZ shows the actor throwing the first punch, and a chair, after being provoked.

As reported Thursday, Danny got into a heated battle with some locals at the Sunland-Tujunga, California parade to celebrate America’s Independence Day.

Sunland-Tujunga parade

This new footage clarifies the situation and illuminates what triggered Danny. It begins with Danny sitting in the passenger seat of a convertible when someone on the street throws a water balloon at him.

Infuriated, Danny jumped out of the car and confronted a group of people in tents on the sidewalk, targeting the suspected thrower. Suddenly, Danny punched the individual, causing a chaotic scene with water splashing everywhere.

Danny Trejo and group

Amid the melee, Danny was knocked down but quickly got back up, grabbed a chair, and hurled it into the crowd. The fight eventually dissipated as Danny retreated to the street with his friends.

Danny Trejo's confrontation

However, just as things seemed to calm down, someone threw another water balloon at Danny, drenching his head. Danny’s friends held him back, preventing another physical altercation.

James Spishak

Cops were called to the scene and managed to disperse the crowd without arresting anyone.

This comes as a relief for Danny, who recently announced on Instagram that his beloved chihuahua, Dixie, had passed away.

It’s been a tough time lately for Danny.