Daraa arrives at the Little Theater by the hand of “Being free”

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It is one of the pearls of national emerging rock. Therefore, they come to play this Saturday in The Little Theater. Daraa Just released “Be free”, song produced by an eminence in the field at the local level: Alvaro Villagra.

“After two years, the show is surely going to be an explosion of all that we have been holding since 2020: adrenaline, screaming, energetic pogo and eager to celebrate the return to the stage. The last moment we experienced all this was at Cosquín Rock in front of thousands of people. AND The reception we had when we stepped on that stage was exciting but not surprising because we had barely announced our presence at the festival on Instagram … a few hours later, Instagram began to explode us of messages from people who were planning to come to see us from different provinces ”, explains Flor Álba, singer of the band.

Now, they aim to conquer more ears. For this reason, they summoned one of the best producers in Argentina. “Álvaro is an emblem. A person who, either as a mixing engineer or producer, was part of almost all the most significant albums in the history of national and international rock.. Undoubtedly this new album that we recorded in his studio has a contribution of his experience and knowledge; and the latter contributed to enriching our sound, ”says Álba.

Formed in 2016, Daraa is influenced by different musical styles such as hard rock, jazz, punk and reggae. With his first album, 3,2,1!, in 2018, the group began to be recognized in the emerging circuit and a year later they were summoned to be part of the festival Rock in Baradero. That was a turning point for the group, because it shot numerous sold-out concerts. Thus, they managed to participate in festivals Córdoba Rockea, Ciudad Emegente and Oktubre al Dente. In February 2020 they were Cosquin Rock, and thus they took an important step to become known at the national level.

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When defining himself, Gastón Echeverría, Daraa guitarist, assures: “We are adrenaline in its purest form. And for each of the messages that we receive almost daily from followers who are already friends or each new person who joins daily, they confirm what we also feel: that each song on our first album and this new single resonate to the best of those moments in which you feel that you can do everything and that, despite everything, what always accompanies you and what remains marked by fire is the music.

Made up of Alba, Echeverría, Shamm Ferro, Turu Rodríguez and JP Walend, Daraa is in the midst of mixing his new album that will be released in 2022.

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