Daria Medvedeva – Everything to Know About Daniil Medvedev’s Wife

Daria Medvedeva

If you are into tennis, Daniil Medvedev is a name you may not be alien to. Daniil is a famous tennis player from Russia. His performance on the tennis court always takes everyone by storm. He is known to deliver strike after strike until he defeats the opponent. At just 26, he has achieved a big name in the game, and his fans believe he will have a promising future. 

When it comes to his private life, Daniil likes to keep everything low-key. He doesn’t involve himself in any drama off the field and is solely seen focusing on his game, which is why his fans love him even more. 

Talking about his private life, we all know that he is married to Daria Medvedeva. This article covers details about Daniil’s wife and more insight into the couple’s private life. Read it till the end to know everything. 

Who is Daria Medvedeva? 

We all know Daria Medvedeva as Daniil’s better half. She is also a famous model and a former tennis player. Daria grew up in Moscow, Russia. The information about her parents, siblings, and early life has been kept private by her because similar to her husband, she also likes to keep everything low-key. 

Although the world knows her as a popular model, not many people know that once upon a time Daria was a tennis player. Interestingly, both of them met while playing tennis, and decided to stay together ever since. 

In her teenage years, Daria solely focused on her tennis game. She was also touted as an aggressive player. Not only this, but at one point, she was among the top 100 junior tennis players. Unfortunately, Daria succumbed to a sports injury which convinced her to bid goodbye to tennis. She later decided to pursue a career in journalism. She attended the Moscow State Institute of International Relations and Lomonosov Moscow State University to study journalism and build a successful career in it. But soon, she landed in the modeling industry, and the rest is history for her. 

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How did the Duo Meet? 

As stated, it was tennis that brought them together. Daria was only 12 years old when she came across Daniil while she and her team were dining at the café near the local tennis courts. In one of her interviews, she shared some details about the duo’s meeting. 

“My mom asks, ‘what’s going on? It’s Medvedev playing. You don’t know him?’ We went to watch him.” 

“The match went for three and a half hours. He used to fight till the end; he was prepared to do anything on the court, no matter how ugly his game may look to win. In this sense, he hasn’t changed at all.”

At the time of their meeting, both of them were young. They decided to see each other in 2014. Three years later, they moved to Monte Carlo, Monaco. It is where the couple resides to this day. 

When Did Daria and Daniil Get Married? 

The wedding between the two took place in 2018. It was a low-key private ceremony shortly before the Russian athlete played in the September Davis Cup. 

Daniil made a rare statement about his wife last year on their marriage anniversary after winning the US Open, his first-ever Grand Slam title. 

“It’s the third anniversary for me and my wife. During the tournament, I couldn’t think of a present. So when I went to the final, I thought I needed to find a present fast. When I won, the only thing I thought about was if I lost, I had no time to have a present. So I have to win this match. I love you, Dasha.” 

Daria is Daniil’s Pillar of Strength 

Daria is a doting and supportive wife to her husband. She has always been supportive of Daniil’s career and stood by him through his thick and thin. Her interest in tennis has also led her to attend several matches with her better half. 

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In 2019, she watched when Dariil defeated Novak Djokovic in the Western and Southern Open in Ohio. The woman stayed with her husband in the 2020 Paris Masters. Reportedly, she also angrily stared down at her husband when he smashed a racket upon losing to Djokovic in the final round of the Australian Open in 2021. 

He calls his wife his pillar of strength and says that Daria keeps him sane during testing times in his career. Her constant presence by her husband shows that Dariil needs Daria to stay grounded and succeed. 

The Couple Welcomed Their First Child 

It seems that congratulations are in order for the couple. Last month, the duo welcomed their first child. Daniil announced the birth of their baby girl. He confirmed he became a father for the first time after his long-term spouse gave birth to their daughter. 

He shared an Instagram post revealing that the child was born on the 14th of October, 2022. There is a heartwarming image of their daughter on the tennis mogul’s Instagram handle with the caption, “14.10.2022..Welcome to the world baby girl.” 

Can I see Daria Medvedeva on Social Media? 

Daria is an extremely private person. She doesn’t like showing herself off on social media or even having frequent conversations with reporters. The privacy-loving wife of Daniil doesn’t like using social media either. Thus, you will not find her anywhere on social media. 

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