Dark Horse and Star Wars together again: there will be new comics and graphic novels of the saga next year

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Since the debut of the first Star Wars comic in 1977, the franchise has made its home almost exclusively in Marvel Comics or Dark Horse Comics. Apparently, the new philosophy in 2022 will be: why not both?

Dark Horse has announced which has regained the rights to publish new Star Wars comics and graphic novels. However, Marvel will continue to publish its own Star Wars comics and collections of existing material. It appears that Dark Horse will replace IDW Publishing as the headquarters for Star Wars stories for all ages and without continuity, while Marvel will continue to focus on the main titles tied directly to the continuity of the Disney + movies and series.

No specific comic has been announced yet, although the Dark Horse press release comments “adventures in every age, from the High Republic to the rise of the First OrderIt also remains to be seen if Dark Horse will continue current IDW projects like Star Wars Adventures.

Marvel originally held the rights to the Star Wars comics from 1977 to 1987, and its monthly series were one of the first projects to develop the franchise beyond the original trilogy. Dark Horse then acquired the rights in 1991, with early projects like Dark Empire and Tales of the Jedi helping establish the fledgling Star Wars Expanded Universe. Rights reverted to Marvel in 2015, as part of Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm Ltd..

Dark Horse has a rich history publishing Star Wars comics and graphic novels“CEO Mike Richardson said in a statement.”Star Wars is a saga much loved by all of us and I have been a fan since I saw the original film nineteen times during its premiere. I am delighted that Dark Horse is bringing new stories from this incredible galaxy back to life and I am not exaggerating when I say that we cannot wait to bring these new adventures to fans of all ages.

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What are you hoping to see from Dark Horse’s new Star Wars line? Are you hopeful that the publisher will revive the continuity of the Expanded Universe? Let us know in the comments.

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