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Darkest Dungeon 2 Confirms Early Access Release Date

It was scheduled for this year 2021 and has not been delayed. Darkest Dungeon 2, the roguelike-like role-playing game developed by Red Hook Studios, has finally confirmed its early access release date. As the developer has published on Twitter, the title will be available next October 26th exclusively for the Epic Games Store. It is expected that when you leave the early access it is also published in the rest of digital stores, that is, Steam and GOG.

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Already on the Epic Games Store wish list

Those interested can now add Darkest Dungeon 2 to their Epic Games Store Wish List. Although the original title was published on Steam first in early access, the studio has chosen this time to launch it on the platform of the creators of Fortnite. Red Hook has ensured that has resorted to early access because the sequel is quite different in some aspects. For example, the visual style chosen is three-dimensional, instead of the 2D of the first installment.

Red Hook refers to visual style as a “Stylized 3D”, which respects in some way the way of presenting the characters of the original. However, this time they have used the Unity engine, instead of the technology they designed specifically for Darkest Dungeon, which used C ++ as its base.

The themes that will be touched on in the sequel are hope, courage and determination. In moments of crisis we do not have to wait for someone to come down from heaven to save us, but rather we have to make our way to find it for ourselves. The developers promise “A refined combat system” and a different metagame from the already known campaign.

Darkest Dungeon 2 ha sido announced for PC only, although the first video game also saw the light on consoles. Therefore, the possibility that the sequel is also marketed in other systems opens in the aftermath.

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