Data-Driven Guide to Using Your Phone with a PC Mouse

By: Dan Cooper

Published on:

Is your Android phone screen not functioning? Don’t worry because you can still use it through a PC mouse. This trick will help you navigate your smartphone even though the screen is broken or it stopped working due to a fall. You can continue using it until you decide to purchase a new one.

To operate your smartphone with a mouse, you will need a wired mouse and a USB-OTG adapter. Connecting these devices is simple, just plug the microUSB/USB Type C port into your smartphone and attach the USB 2.0 adapter to the mouse. Give it a few seconds, and the devices will synchronize.

Now that you have both devices connected, you’re ready to use your smartphone. Use the mouse to scroll or click to open apps and websites. Hold down the left mouse click to select specific items. Although it may not be as convenient as using your fingers, this method can still be useful.

If you want to enable broken screen mode on your Android smartphone, follow these simple steps. Firstly, open the application on your Android mobile. Now, press the “Start” button. Three options will appear, touch the first one, “Crack (touch).” Then, choose a cracked screen effect.

A pop-up window will appear that requires you to grant the necessary permissions for it to operate. Click on “Settings,” and activate the “Cracked screen (prank) joke” switch. Find it quickly by using the magnifying glass tool. Return to the app and choose the broken screen effect again. Touch any part of it, and the mode will be automatically enabled.

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