Data from 500,000 Muscovites with fake vaccination certificates is for sale

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The personal data of 500,000 people from Moscow and the surrounding area are offered for sale on the Darknet and Telegram channels. The records contain ID data, social security numbers, telephone numbers and address. Previously, everyone in the data sets had had a fake vaccination certificate or a fake PCR test issued, reported Camouflage cap with reference to the Russian daily Kommersant.

Evgeny A. is a programmer and runs a Telegram channel for data leaks on the Russian Internet called “Eye of God”. He told the Russian daily that the largest database contains more than 500,000 entries on Moscow residents. According to him, the data was leaked from the same service that sold the fake Corona certificates to Muscovites.

For the data of a single person, which also contains the date of issue of the forged certificate, the report calls up the equivalent of around 40 euro cents. The newspaper Kommersant, which contacted a provider of the data, was offered 1,000 data records for the equivalent of 104 euros.

According to a legal expert, there is also a risk of criminal prosecution if a fake vaccination certificate is acquired and issued. Up to one year imprisonment for the acquisition – for the creation of forged vaccination certificates even up to two years. A Darknet expert told the newspaper that the fraudsters are likely to want to cash in twice, it continues on Camouflage cap.


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