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Dave Portnoy’s Take on Bill Belichick Dating Young Cheerleader

Dave Portnoy’s Take on Bill Belichick Dating Young Cheerleader

Dave Portnoy’s Take on Bill Belichick Dating Young Cheerleader

Bill Belichick, the former New England Patriots head coach, has recently made headlines for his unexpected romantic involvement with Jordon Hudson, a 24-year-old former college cheerleader. This revelation has sparked widespread curiosity and discussion, especially given the significant age difference between the two, with Belichick being 72 years old.

Jordon Hudson, who has a background in cheerleading and pageantry, first came into the public eye when her relationship with Belichick was disclosed. Hudson, a self-described ‘glamorous Girl Scout,’ has a notable history in cheerleading, having won a national championship while attending Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts. She also competed in the Miss Maine USA pageant earlier this year, finishing as the first runner-up.

The couple’s story began in 2021 on a flight from Boston to Florida. According to reports, they bonded over a philosophy project Hudson was working on at the time. They exchanged contact information and maintained communication, discussing her academic and cheerleading pursuits. This connection eventually blossomed into a romantic relationship following Belichick’s breakup with his longtime partner, TV host Linda Holliday, in September 2023.

Belichick and Hudson’s relationship remained under wraps for some time, with Hudson reportedly visiting Gillette Stadium discreetly to support Belichick during the 2022 and 2023 Patriots seasons. However, their romance has become more public recently, with Belichick attending a cheerleading competition in Maryland to support Hudson and the couple being seen together at various events, including Tom Brady’s Patriots Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

Hudson, who is also an entrepreneur and executive director at Trouble Club Enterprises, has been involved in assisting Belichick with his business ventures. Their relationship has been a topic of interest within their inner circles, with even New England icon Rob Gronkowski making light-hearted jokes about it during a Netflix event and Brady’s Hall of Fame ceremony.

Belichick’s relationship with Hudson has certainly caught the public’s attention, not only because of the age gap but also due to the unexpected nature of their connection. As the couple continues to navigate their relationship, it remains a subject of fascination and speculation among fans and media alike.