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When you combine a middle-class background, hypospadias, and a passion for hip hop, you get. You end up with Lil Dicky, the newest rapping superstar to emerge from the floodgates in recent years.

The rapper followed the same path to the popularity that many others did at the start of their careers. Many of his songs have tens of millions of views on YouTube, and he has become a YouTube sensation. His shockingly strong flow and amusing lyrics earned him an immediate sensation with fans throughout the United States.

He hasn’t been shy about discussing his childhood and medical concerns via his songs, but owing to his smash FXX series, “Dave,” he’s allowed his fans in more profound than ever before.

On the programme, Lil Dicky portrays a somewhat fictional version of himself who gives a behind-the-scenes look at how he became one of today’s hottest rappers. However, we’re guessing that striking up chats with Doja Cat on dating apps has some creative liberties. While FX Networks has not confirmed that Season 3 is in the works, it seems like there will be additional episodes. Season 1 was, after all, a massive success in terms of streaming statistics (via Variety). Here is all we know about Season 3 of “Dave”.

Dave Season 3 Release Date

On June 16, 2021, the second season of ‘Dave’ began on FXX. Ten episodes, each ranging between 24 and 32 minutes, make up the season. On August 11, 2021, the season ended.

This is the situation for the third season as it currently stands. The network FXX has yet to declare if the programme will be renewed for a second season. However, it is reported that it would be glad to renew the cable channel’s contract for another season.

The comedy series is gradually becoming the most-watched FX Networks comedy series when its current cycle expires, despite its lack of excellent traditional ratings. The show’s second season had lesser ratings than the first, but it still maintained a following.

In May 2020, the comedy series was renewed for a second season. It was about two weeks after the first season concluded that this happened. Consequently, Season 3 of ‘Dave’ is likely to be renewed by September 2021. Dave season 3 will launch in the third quarter of 2022 if all goes according to plan.

Season 3: What Does Lil Dicky Think?

The sitcom ‘Dave’ averaged 4.8 million viewers per episode across all platforms in April 2020. Consequently, the programme became one of the most important on the network. One of the show’s founders, Lil Dicky, stated he used to submit every episode of the season on time, four days before it aired on television.

He said how overworking had caused him to lose his sense of self. Thus, season 3 was the farthest thing from his mind. When questioned about the third season, Lil Dicky claimed that he thinks he would make the funniest season of television ever! We’re excited to see what Dave has planned for us this season!

Even though it has been so long, Lil Dicky indicated that his current album is still in the works and that he is sure his fans are irritated at this point. One of Lil Dicky’s most challenging tasks has been finding time to work on new music while writing, acting, and directing the series. He is looking forward to having more time to concentrate on his record for the time being.


Expect most of the core cast to reprise their previous roles if the programme returns for a third season. David Burd will, without a doubt, reprise his role as Lil Dicky. Davionte Ganter plays GaTa, Andrew Santino plays Mike, Taylor Misiak plays Ally, Christine Ko plays Emma, and Travis “Taco” Bennett plays Elz.

Dave Season 3 may include some of the recurrent cast members. Gina Hecht will play Carol Burd, David Paymer will play Don Burd, and Benny Blanco will play himself in the third instalment. If you are a regular viewer of the TV show, you’re probably aware of the trend in casting directions during the last two seasons. Each season includes celebrity cameo appearances.

We saw Hailey Baldwin, Kendall Jenner, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Doja Cat, J Balvin, and many more in the most recent season. So we may expect megastars in the third season, but only if FX renews the show for another season. We can’t say anything regarding Dave’s Season 3 guest appearances since the official roster for the following season hasn’t been revealed yet.

The Plot Of Dave Season 3

The second season of Dave was not very good for the protagonist, but it was also not particularly horrible. Lil Dicky’s lover abandoned him, yet his music career blossomed into a new lucrative phase due to this tragic incident. Dave demonstrated to himself and the world that he had been correct with his album’s success.

We will undoubtedly see Dave as a new worldwide phenomenon if there is a third season. And his mental health may suffer as a result of his fast climb to stardom. Will he be able to handle it, though? The solution is in the hands of Dave Season 3’s authors! Dave could be able to assist GaTa in his quest to become a rapper.

Lil Dicky has accomplished a lot professionally, but what about his personal life? This understanding will either make or break his future. We cannot reveal much more since there isn’t a storyline outline for the third season!

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