“David Beckham Presents Unusual Gift to King Carlos III in Royal Meeting”

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David Beckham shares his passion for beekeeping with King Charles III

David Beckham’s life changed a decade ago when he retired from professional soccer at the age of 38. Since then, he has devoted himself to his family, business, and new hobbies, including beekeeping. His passion for bees and honey production caught the attention of King Carlos III, who shares the same interest.

Beckham revealed his newfound passion for beekeeping on social media in July 2020 when he shared photos of himself and his son harvesting honey from their first cooped hive. What started as a hobby has now turned into a family business. The former Manchester United player frequently shares his beekeeping moments on Instagram and recently had the chance to share his homemade honey with King Charles III.

During an event organized by the British Fashion Council (BFC), Beckham met King Charles III and presented him with a bottle of his homemade honey. The packaging was handmade with a simple glass jar wrapped in natural burlap fabric and tied with matching sisal thread. King Charles III was delighted with the gift, showcasing a big smile that reflects his love for beekeeping.

It’s no secret that the royal family is fond of beekeeping, with beehives located in the two royal residences – Buckingham and Clarence House. What makes this activity unique is the tradition of informing the bees about the death of the queen. The royal beekeeper John Chapple has the responsibility of letting the bees know about any changes in ownership to prevent disruption in production.

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With David Beckham’s passion for beekeeping, he has found a new way to connect with King Charles III. Bees play an essential role in our ecosystem and our food production, making it an important hobby that reminds us of the beauty of nature.

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