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David Duchovny’s cameo in The Director that you may have missed

Since its premiere in Netflix last Friday, The director It has been very well received by the users of the platform. Is that the series starring Sandra Oh, manages to perfectly combine drama, comedy and a very compelling plot. But one detail that many missed was the cameo from David Duchovny that many others who know the story behind it, surprised them for good.

The Chair, in its original title, tells the story of Ji-Yoon Kim, the first woman of color to become the president of a major university. A very coveted chair, but very difficult to occupy. For her, nothing is easy as she will face the harsh demands and expectations of the English Department. The miniseries was created by Annie Wyman and Amanda Peet, actress who stood out with her leading role in A Lot Like Love junto a Ashton Kutcher.

But … what does that cameo mean? It could have been the work of the screenwriters, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, who were the showrunners of Game of Thrones, series in which there were a large number of special participations. But, in truth, it is an appearance that Peet made, who claimed to have known David Duchovny for many years. In this way, he got the actor to joke about an iconic moment in his own career in one of the episodes.

27 years ago, the actor wore the same swimsuit in the series that marked his career (Capture The X-Files).

If you have already seen The directorYou will surely remember when the protagonist is going to convince the character that Duchovny plays not to give a lecture. When he approaches to see it, he finds it coming out of his pool with a little red swimsuit, causing a stumble from Ji-Yoon Kim. She probably wasn’t the only one surprised. And it is that it is a nod to The X-Files, the series with which he rose to fame in the skin of Agent Mulder, and that he had a very particular scene in which he has been dressed in the same way. So much was said about that moment, that even in The Simpson they made a joke about it.

The X-Files

In The Simpsons, they made a reference to Agent Mulder from The X-Files (Capture The Simpsons).

The message that David Duchovny leaves during his scene may have been very felt by him in real life. The actor was a student of the career of literature during 1980 in Yale. In fact, while conducting a postgraduate it was that she began to apply for auditions to practice writing dramas. And although texts are still his great passion and already published four novels, the truth is that he could never finish his doctorate since he rose to fame with The X-Files. The cameo is, then, a very nice nod to the actor’s career but at the same time a deep journey through his history as a student.

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