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David Harbor Has Ideas For Red Guardian After Black Widow

Early criticism of Black Widow they stand out Red Guardian as one of the film’s high points and a great addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We still do not know what is the fate of the Russian super soldier in the next entry of the MCU, but the actor who plays it, David Harbour, have some ideas. Together with the director Cate Shortland they had many conversations about it.

Like the movie of Natasha Romanoff takes place between Captain America: Civil War Y Avengers: Infinity War, there are not few fans who ask where was the “Russian family” of Black Widow in the final battle against Thanos. Were they victims of “Blip”? In that sense, the actor remarked that he and Shortland talked a lot about the subject and good ideas came up.

Red Guardian came to the MCU

“The fun thing about this is that we go back and build a structure for something new.”, stressed the interpreter. “So we have all this new content with a lot of information about movies that are going forward in the new Phase.”added the actor who left the doubt: will Natasha’s family have a leading role in the MCU Phase 4?

“We also introduce all these characters. Cate Shortland and I speculate a lot about where he is Red Guardian and what happens to it. There were fun ideas, but I didn’t ask him about it. Kevin Feige. I will do it later”, Harbor assured.

The interpreter previously expressed his wish that the Russian team of heroes known as Winter Guard joins the MCU. And as the characters resurfaced in current comic strips from the Avengers, this would be a great opportunity to present them in the cinema.

Black Widow will be released in theaters and Disney+ Premier Access next July 9.

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