David Harbour turns away from his demons thanks to Lily Allen and ‘Stranger Things’

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David Harbour has become one of the most beloved heroes of the small screen thanks to his role as the tough but endearing Jim Hopper in ‘Stranger Things’, a series that has not only made him one of the most famous actors of the moment but also returned the illusion in his profession after the occasional personal bad streak.

At 47 years old, the interpreter can be pleased to have overcome a serious addiction to alcohol, which forced him to enter rehabilitation about 20 years ago, and to have learned to cope better with the bipolar disorder that was diagnosed with at 26 years, which led to his admission to a mental health institution: an experience that he has now acknowledged left him traumatized.

“I often dream that I am going to prison. I imagine Freud might have some kind of interpretation on that. But whether on an artistic level or on the level of relationships, I think that experience made me develop a great fear of feeling deprived of freedom. That is my great fear in life, that and sharks, “said the artist in conversation with GQ magazine.

Fortunately, those demons of his past are irretrievably removed and to this has contributed both his professional rebirth and his marriage to the singer Lily Allen, whom he met in 2019 thanks to the dating application Raya. In September 2020, the two lovers surprised their own and others with the announcement of their wedding, which took place in a chapel in Las Vegas, with an Elvis impersonator officiating the wedding, and accompanied by an intimate dinner at a fast-food restaurant.

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One of the keys to the proper functioning of their romance is undoubtedly the informative transparency that characterizes them both. In his first dates with the British singer-songwriter, Harbour did not hesitate to present himself as he was, with his opinions, his insecurities, and also the emotional and psychological charge of his eventful career. “I was in that phase where I was going to be brutally honest about everything. Because why lie? And I talked to her about my life, my beliefs…”, he revealed.

“I think it takes a truly extraordinary person to accept some of the things I told him. And I remember I started thinking, ‘Wow, I think this is someone I really want to be with,'” he explained about his third evening with the performer, after which David Harbour was already fully aware that he was falling in love.

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