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David & Victoria Beckham’s 25 Years: Funny Letters to Palace & 2012 Jubilee Throne Mystery

David & Victoria Beckham’s 25 Years: Funny Letters to Palace & 2012 Jubilee Throne Mystery

Their £1 million union graced the pages of OK! magazine and was hailed as the “wedding of the decade,” outshining even the nuptials of Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones.

Now, as David and Victoria Beckham celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary, it’s been revealed that Buckingham Palace was inundated with letters for the celebrity couple when they first moved into their matrimonial home.

According to Alan Edwards, the publicist for the Spice Girls, the Royal Mail got confused between the Beckhams’ home, Rowneybury House on the Hertfordshire and Essex border, which was affectionately dubbed ‘Beckingham Palace,’ and the actual Buckingham Palace in London.

Reflecting on their wedding ceremony, Alan Edwards shared, “This was a worldwide publicity event, and we knew the interest was akin to that around a royal wedding. In fact, we’d had a complaint from Buckingham Palace saying that they kept getting letters addressed to David and Victoria at Beckingham Palace!”

Adding to their extraordinary connection with Buckingham Palace, the marriage even came to the notice of the late Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh. Reportedly, they refused to sit on thrones during the 2012 Jubilee River Pageant to avoid looking like the Beckhams, who famously posed on thrones at their 1999 wedding.

When asked for the reason, Prince Philip humorously told his friend Gyles Brandreth, “Well, we’d have looked like Mr. and Mrs. Beckham, wouldn’t we?”

The Beckhams, now parents to four children, have mingled in royal circles for over two decades, ever since Victoria was a Spice Girl and David was a rising football star.

In 1997, following the death of Princess Diana, Victoria and her fellow Spice Girls joined Prince Charles and a star-struck Prince Harry on a royal tour of South Africa for a charity concert. The singer-turned-designer later expressed her admiration for the monarchy in an interview with The Spectator and met the Queen at a Royal Variety show the same year.

Victoria also met the Duchess of York in 1999, when Sarah Ferguson took her daughters, Beatrice and Eugenie, to a Spice Girls concert. Later, in 2000, Prince Charles met the Beckhams at Party in the Park, an event in aid of The Prince’s Trust.

In 2002, David, serving as England football captain, handed the baton to the Queen at the opening of the Commonwealth Games.

The Beckhams’ friendship with the royal family grew deeper over the years. In 2010, David, then playing for LA Galaxy, traveled with Princes William and Harry to meet FIFA officials as part of the UK bidding team for hosting the World Cup. Although the bid wasn’t successful, it solidified David’s friendship with Prince William, the President of the FA.

The Beckhams were invited to the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in 2011, though David famously committed a social faux pas by wearing his OBE on the wrong lapel, a mistake he quickly rectified.

David and Victoria’s connection with the royal family extended to Prince Charles, who recently appointed David as an ambassador for the King’s Foundation charity. The King even gave David a tour of Highgrove House in Gloucestershire, where they swapped beekeeping tips, suggesting increased speculation about a potential knighthood for David.

In 2012, David teamed up with the Duchess of Cambridge to present the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award to cyclist Bradley Wiggins, further intertwining their lives with the royals. However, their friendship with Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew caused a stir in 2017.

During a tea party at Buckingham Palace for their daughter Harper’s sixth birthday, David posted a photo of Harper in a Princess Elsa costume from Frozen, taken in the Palace’s front quadrangle where photography is prohibited. This breach of protocol reportedly left Prince Charles extremely displeased, although he seems to have moved past it given his recent appointment of Beckham as an ambassador.

As David and Victoria Beckham celebrate their 25th anniversary, their journey from a lavish wedding to close ties with the British royal family remains as captivating as ever.

Source: Daily Mail