“Day of Reunions: The Hot Table Brings Back Missed Presenter”

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The Arrival of Karla Monroig as a Guest Host on La Mesa Caliente

Last week, La Mesa Caliente, a popular talk show, had the pleasure of welcoming Maite Delgado as a guest host. However, due to the absence of some of its presenters, the show had to resort to the variety of hosts presently in its ranks for recent episodes. Fortunately, the show has hit the jackpot once again with the arrival of yet another famous artist:

The Puerto Rican Actress and Presenter

The guest host who has left the public wanting more is none other than Karla Monroig – a Puerto Rican actress and presenter who has had a very close relationship with Telemundo in the past. The audience has expressed how much they have missed Karla, making it evident with their reactions and comments upon seeing her on the show.

Despite not being expected, Karla’s entrance was a pleasant surprise for the viewers and has been highly praised:

“Today was the best program since it began,”

“This girl has a special charm,”

“They should leave the hot table; she is very nice, pretty, and elegant,”

“She is an exceptional presenter,”

“You are the perfect complement at that table.”

Karla’s Joyous Experience

Karla herself was delighted with the experience and expressed it in a loving message on Instagram:

“Day of reunions with those who were my family for many years. Actors, technicians, presenters, producers, in short, you can’t imagine the joy I felt when I saw them in the halls today,”

“Thank you, La Mesa Caliente, for the invitation to be part of your table and to the entire team for making me feel at home.”

Additionally, Azucena Cierco also joined the women on the show that day, adding to the excitement and entertainment of the hot table. Although the show’s presenters were absent, the variety of guest presenters has made for some of its most engaging episodes to date.

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