Day of the Dead trailer: gore and humor in the new zombie series based on Romero

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Day of the Dead, the new live action series from SyFy based on the classic George A. Romero, has been seen in a new trailer within the framework of Comic-Con. And the has done with a trailer loaded with hungry zombies, liters and liters of blood and a lot of black humor that you can see heading this news, all as part of a panel in which both the co-creators and showrunners have spoken Scott Thomas Y Jed Elinoff as the director Steven Kostanski, in addition to part of the cast.

“Tribute to George A. Romero”

And it is that despite the fact that its creators define this new adaptation of The day of the Dead As a tribute to the original work of George A. Romero, the plot has little to do with the original 1985 film. So much so, that this new series presents six survivors who try not to fall into the clutches of zombies during the first day of an undead invasion.

Day of the Dead es “una ode to the famous carnivores by George A. Romero which reminds us that sometimes all that is needed to unite people is a horde of hungry zombies trying to destroy them ”, says his official description. Secondly, Steven Kostanski, director of The vacuum Y Psycho Goreman, directs the first four episodes out of a total of ten. “The show has a very low budget, but we really pushed hard to have as many gore gags and crazy stuff as possible. I really feel like we’ve done something that really captures the spirit of the Romero movie era. So I hope people like it ”, says the director.

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With a cast made up of names like Keenan Tracey, Daniel Doheny, Natalie Malaika and Kristy Dinsmore, Day of the Dead will be released next month October in SyFy on a specific date yet to be determined. Its premiere in Spain should not come much later than the date in the United States.

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