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Day One Viewers Share a Common Complaint

Day One Viewers Share a Common Complaint

While a number of commenters on Reddit were unhappy that “A Quiet Place: Day One” did not deliver — in their opinions — enough of the invasion’s initial carnage before fast-forwarding to a relatively quiet time hours later, others grumbled that there was another major element of the scenario missing from the movie: any kind of context of how the authorities were dealing with the situation.

“I went in expecting what we DIDN’T get from the other two movies: the initial government response, the emergency services response, the global media response, the first attempts on evacuations, the survivors trying to hold on and how common civilians realize what attracts them,” wrote u/gakun, who also noted that world leaders would have been alerted in advance to a massive swarm of unidentified objects falling to Earth from space.

Other Reddit users also remarked on the relatively brief scenes of destruction, as well as the absence of millions of bodies in the streets following the attack. But one user, styles_P, might have hit the nail on the head when they joked, “I guess they don’t have the budget for that.” The reported budget for “A Quiet Place: Day One” was $67 million; not a low-cost movie by any means, but also a far cry from the $150-200 million that many other blockbusters cost. For the money, it seems that Michael Sarnoski delivered all the “Day One” he could.

Source: Reddit