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Dayanara Torres and Marc Anthony’s Child Living with Rare Disease

Dayanara Torres, the former wife of Marc Anthony, has gone through difficult times in her life that included serious health problems. The Puerto Rican model not only had to overcome skin cancer but also suffers from asthma, a respiratory disease that she has had since she was a child. In addition, Torres disclosed that the youngest of her children, Ryan Adrian Muñiz, also has the same condition that will accompany him for life.

The Marriage of Dayanara Torres and Marc Anthony

Torres was married to the salsa singer, Marc Anthony, from 2000 to 2004. The relationship resulted in two children, Cristian and Ryan Adrian Muñiz.

Dayanara Torres’ Battle with Skin Cancer

In 2019, Dayanara revealed on her social networks that she had melanoma. The cancer was the result of a wound and a mole that she had not treated when she should have.

Dayanara Torres’ Struggle with Asthma

Dayanara Torres and her son, Ryan Adrian Muñiz, are both asthmatic and have had severe episodes. On one occasion, Torres had such a serious asthma attack that she almost lost her life because she was alone with her children, who were too young to seek help.

Raising Awareness About Asthma

The experience that Torres shared with the media was with the purpose of raising awareness about what people with asthma suffer from. She hopes to educate people about the condition and its management.

Coping with Asthma

Torres has instilled in her youngest son the necessity of always carrying his inhalers with him. She ensures that he has his inhalers at school, in the office, and when they go out. She reminds him to raise his arms and calm down if he gets sick.


Dayanara Torres‘ struggles with skin cancer and asthma prove that no one is immune to illness. Her determination to raise awareness about asthma and to educate people about the condition is admirable. She deserves our respect and support.

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